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"Alenoushka and her Brother" A Russian Fairytale

Read online "Alenoushka and her Brother" fairy tale for childrens. Alenoushka and her Brother fairy tale, a short bedtime Story for kids written by the Arthur Ransome.

"Alenoushka and her Brother" A Russian Fairytale by Arthur Ransome
Once upon a time there were two orphan children, a little boy and a little girl. Their father and mother were dead, and they had not even an old grandfather to spend his time in telling them stories. They were alone. The little boy was called Vanoushka, and the little girl’s name was Alenoushka.

They set out together to walk through the whole of the great wide world. It was a long journey they set out on, and they did not think of any end to it, but only of moving on and on, and never stopping long enough in one place to be unhappy there.

They were travelling one day over a broad plain, padding along on their little bare feet. There were no trees on the plain, no bushes; open flat country as far as you could see, and the great sun up i…