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A riddling tale - a fairy tale by Grimm Brothers

 Read "A riddling tale" fairy tales for kids. A riddling tale, is a short bedtime Story by the Grimm Brothers about a riddle that says three women were once turned into flowers and planted in a field. One of the women was allowed one night to go home to her husband, but then the woman was forced to return to her companions and turn into a flower again. However, before she left, the woman told her husband that if he came to the field that afternoon, she would be able to return home with him. The question is how the woman's husband knew which of the flowers was his wife.

"A riddling tale"
a fairy tale by Grimm Brothers

Three women were changed into flowers which grew in the field, but one of them was allowed to be in her own home at night. Then once when day was drawing near, and she was forced to go back to her companions in the field and become a flower again, she said to her husband, “If thou wilt come this afternoon and gather me, I shall be set free and henceforth stay with thee.” And he did so. Now the question is, how did her husband know her, for the flowers were exactly alike, and without any difference? 

Answer: as she was at her home during the night and not in the field, no dew fell on her as it did on the others, and by this her husband knew her.

The End

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