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Fairy tales and bedtime story by Hans Christian Andersen

 The most beautiful fairy tales and bedtime stories for kids written by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. Read online all the short and long tales of Hans Christian Andersen, such as: The little mermaid, The Nightingale, The Tinder-Box, The little match-seller, The Phoenix bird, The princess and the pea, Little Claus and big Claus, The ugly duckling, The snow queen, The Emperor’s New Clothes. 

Complete list of fairy tales and bedtime stories written by Hans Christian Andersen

  1. A cheerful temper
  2. A Great Grief or Heartache
  3. A leaf from heaven
  4. A picture from the ramparts
  5. A rose from Homer's grave
  6. A story
  7. A story from the sand dunes
  8. A string of pearls
  9. Anne Lisbeth
  10. At the uttermost parts of the sea
  11. Aunty
  12. Aunty Toothache
  13. "Beautiful" or Beauty of Form and Beauty of Mind"
  14. By the almshouse window
  15. Chicken Grethe's family
  16. Children's prattle
  17. Clumsy Hans or Silly Hans or Blockhead Hans or (Jack the Dullard)
  18. "Dance, dance, doll of mine!"
  19. Everything in its proper place
  20. Five peas from a pod or The Pea Blossom
  21. Godfather's picture book
  22. Golden treasure
  23. Grandmother
  24. Great-Grandfather
  25. Holger Danske
  26. Ib and little Christina
  27. In a thousand years
  28. In the children's room
  29. In the duck yard or The Portuguese Duck
  30. Kept secret but not forgotten
  31. Little Claus and big Claus
  32. Little Ida's flowers
  33. Little Tuk
  34. Luck may lie in a pin
  35. Moving day
  36. Ole the tower-keeper
  37. Ole-Luk-Oie, the Dream-God
  38. On judgment day
  39. Peiter, Peter, and Peer
  40. Pen and inkstand
  41. She was good for nothing
  42. "Something"
  43. Soup from a sausage skewer
  44. Sunshine stories
  45. The A-B-C book
  46. The angel
  47. The Beetle who went on his Travels
  48. The bell, or Nature's Music
  49. The bell deep
  50. The bird of folklore
  51. The bishop of Börglum and his men
  52. The Shepherd's Story of the Bond of Friendship
  53. The bottle neck
  54. The brave tin soldier
  55. The buckwheat
  56. The butterfly
  57. The candles
  58. The child in the grave
  59. The comet
  60. The cripple
  61. The daisy
  62. The darning-needle
  63. The days of the week
  64. The drop of water
  65. The dryad
  66. The elderbush or Elder-Tree Mother
  67. The elf of the rose
  68. The elfin hill or The Elf Mound
  69. The emperor's new Clothes
  70. The farm-yard rooster and the weather-rooster
  71. The fir tree
  72. The flax
  73. The flea and the professor
  74. The flying trunk
  75. The galoshes of fortune
  76. The garden of paradise
  77. The gardener and the noble family
  78. The gate key
  79. The girl who trod on the loaf
  80. The goblin and the huckster
  81. The goblin and the woman
  82. The great sea serpent
  83. The happy family
  84. The ice maiden or Rudy and Babette
  85. The Jewish girl or The Jewish Maiden
  86. The jumper
  87. The last dream of the old oak
  88. The last pearl
  89. The little green ones
  90. The little match-seller
  91. The little mermaid
  92. The loveliest rose in the world
  93. The marsh king's daughter
  94. The metal pig
  95. The moneybox or The Money-Pig
  96. The most incredible thing
  97. The naughty boy
  98. The neighbouring families
  99. The new century's Goddess
  100. The Nightingale
  101. The old bachelor's nightcap
  102. The old church bell
  103. The old grave-stone
  104. The old house
  105. The old street lamp
  106. The Philosopher’s Stone
  107. The Phoenix bird
  108. The porter's son
  109. The princess and the pea
  110. The psyche
  111. The puppet-show man
  112. The races
  113. The rags
  114. The red shoes
  115. The shadow
  116. The shepherdess and the sweep
  117. The shirt-collar
  118. The silent book
  119. The silver shilling
  120. The snail and the rosebush or The Snail and the Rose Tree
  121. The snow queen
  122. The snowdrop
  123. The snowman
  124. The stone of the wise man
  125. The storks
  126. The storm shifts the signboards
  127. The story of a mother
  128. The story of the year
  129. The swan's nest
  130. The Sweethearts; or, The Top and the Ball
  131. The swineherd
  132. The Talisman
  133. The Tallow Candle
  134. The teapot
  135. The thorny road of honor
  136. The tinder-box
  137. The toad
  138. The travelling companion
  139. The ugly duckling
  140. The wicked prince
  141. The wild swans
  142. The Will-o'-the-Wisps are in town, says the Moor-woman
  143. The wind tells about Valdemar Daae and his daughters
  144. The windmill
  145. There is a difference
  146. There is no doubt about it or It's Quite True!
  147. Thumbelina
  148. Twelve by the mail
  149. Two brothers
  150. Two maidens
  151. Under the willow tree
  152. Vänö and Glänö
  153. What happened to the thistle
  154. What old Johanne told
  155. What one can invent
  156. What the Moon Saw
  157. What the old man does is always right
  158. What the whole family said
  159. Which was the happiest?

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