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Fairy tales by Countess of Segur

 The most beautiful and the best fairy tales and bedtime stories for kids written by Countess of Segur. Fairy Tales by the Countess of Segur with the most beautiful princesses and princes. Long fairy tales with fairies that help endangered princesses and fairy tales with evil characters in which the good prince saves the beautiful princess. Among the fairy tales written by the Countess of Segur we mention: The Princess Rosette, Blondine, Good Little Henry, Ourson and The Little Gray Mouse.

Blondine, Bonne-Biche, and Beau-Minon

A touching fairy tale about a little princess that her stepmother didn't love. Princess Blondine gets lost in the liliacs forest where she meets the beautiful kitten Beau-Minon and the white hind Bonne-Biche.

Good Little Henry

A fairy tale about a little boy whose mother was very ill and to cure her, he asks for the help of the Fairy Bienfaisante. She sends the boy to a mountain to bring the Plant of Life, with the help of which to save his mother.


A beautiful fairy tale about a boy who was cursed by a bad fairy to have his whole body covered in bear hair. The boy meets Violette, but finds out that in order to get rid of the bear's hair, a person who loves him very much must want to take on his curse.

The Little Grey Mouse

about a girl named Rosalie who had been raised by her father in solitary confinement without knowing what curiosity was. When Rosalie sees a house in the yard, she can't resist curiosity, and entering, she comes across a gray mouse that tells her the secret that has haunted her family for almost fifteen years, since her birth.

The Princess Rosette

A fairy tale about a beautiful princess named Rosette, who had a good soul but was not loved by her parents or her sisters Orangine and Roussette. Her parents, who did not love her, were the king and queen of this kingdom. They sent the girl to be raised by a nanny, but her godmother, the Fairy Puissante, secretly took care of her education.

The Story of a Donkey

The story of a donkey who was treated very badly by his mistress. Although she put all the things she had to take to the market on the donkey's back, the farmer's wife also climbed on the donkey's back and then began to beat him, shouting that he was not going faster.

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